InsideView was founded to help business professionals take advantage of the convergence of social media and enterprise applications — or what we refer to as “socialprise“. For several years now our application has been helping you track key business events and relationships across thousands of traditional and new media sources. Today we’re happy to be adding one more voice to the mix with our company blog, The Inside View. The cobbler’s children have shoes after all.

This blog is intended to help you leverage InsideView applications more effectively, gather your product feedback, and stay informed about key industry trends. In the future we will regularly be posting about product updates, new features, tips & tricks, customer success stories, and the evolving business search and intelligence landscape. There’s plenty to discuss about the changing face of sales and marketing, information overload, new search technologies, and the emergence of socialprise applications. And we would love to hear your thoughts!

We have a great team here at InsideView with diverse backgrounds, expertise, and perspectives. You can expect to see many of our team members contributing to this blog. To get things started, I’m Marc Perramond, Product Manager here at InsideView. Lately I’ve been spending most of my time working on SalesView, our flagship business search and intelligence application. We first launched SalesView and the socialprise concept on March 18th.

If you’re not familiar with SalesView, it is a business search and intelligence application designed to provide sales and marketing professionals with real-time, relevant business insights that are aggregated from 20,000+ sources including subscription-based data providers, unstructured Web content, national and regional news outlets, trade journals, blogs, job boards, and social networks. For a better idea of what’s going on “under the hood” you can read about our platform here.

SalesView FREE is currently available as a mash-up for and SugarCRM. We have also established partnerships to make SalesView FREE available for Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle On Demand, and Landslide Technologies. SalesView PRO and TEAM are available both as an integrated CRM mash-up and as a stand-alone Web application that compliments any CRM. If you’d like to learn more about SalesView, contact us to attend one of our weekly Webinars.

We consider your input an integral part of this conversation, so please don’t be shy with your feedback and suggestions about how we can make this blog most useful to you.