For the support staff, each day brings an infinite myriad of support scenarios ranging from “how do I…” to “why won’t that…”

And with such need, it’s perhaps the perfect time to introduce a new feature in the InsideView application. We call it “help.” No it doesn’t stand for anything like “Human Enacted Learning Procedure” (although that did make runner-up in the acronym naming contest) – but rather a usage scenario and use case write-up a la

insideview BLOG link location

For example, you have already accomplished the basics of adding companies to your watch list and now feel the need to assign your list or yourself to a territory. In the top right corner lies the “help” link. Click it.

A new window pops up (assuming you are kind enough to allow the pop-up window to appear). In this new window is a categorical arrangement of various help-ful topics. You can either choose one of the categories to search OR go search-engine style and do a search.

insideview blog help

Searching for “creating territories” we get a list of results. And right there as the first result is “How can I set up my territory?” And if you didn’t notice, helps us explain why we chose to use a free-floating pop-up window… so you can leave it up as you follow the instructions : )

insideview blog help results

So with pop-up window open, I can follow the instructions to get what I wanted done.

insideview blog instructions

Now granted this little feature isn’t going to solve the worlds hunger problems, but it should go a long way in giving you some level of empowerment for the major and minor tasks that you need done. And of course, if you can’t find what you want with help, we are more than happy to answer your call or email.