We want to share an exciting opportunity for you, our loyal blog readers, to join and invigorate the conversation about CRM. InsideView is participating in the Dreamforce conference (sponsored by Salesforce.com) “panel picker,” where potential speakers submit ideas and the community votes on what panels they would most like to see at the conference in November. Our proposed panel “Translating Social Media into Sales Intelligence,” aims to foster a discussion about the enormous potential within social media to enhance CRM applications. We think more people deserve to understand the socialprise and we can’t think of a better way to get people talking about it.

So, let’s get social about socialprise — please vote. (We tell you how below.)

To Vote:
1. Go to http://dreamforce.ideas.salesforce.com/, and click “Login” in the top left.
2. Log In–if you have a Salesforce.com account, use that. If not, make a free trial account (it takes about 30 seconds, and you will receive your user name and password via email.)
3. Read and reflect on the glory that is four pages of ideas and comments, all about CRM and sales–and how professionals can adapt the latest technology and practices for a more “with it” CRM.
4. Vote: We titled our contribution “Translating Social Media into Sales Intelligence.” Right now it’s the first one you’ll see on the page.