InsideView is serving up smokin' hot product updates

You know that guy who selflessly toils away at the grill while everyone else at the picnic enjoys the good food and conversation? That would be our development team. Yes, during the dog days of summer when many of us in sales are enjoying vacations or laying by the pool, the InsideView engineers have been busy manning the grill and serving up some hot new features. When we fired up the grill earlier this month our focus was on making SalesView even smarter and easier to use. The ingredients? First we started with some great user feedback from our growing SalesView community (thank you!) and then we added a little secret sauce from the InsideView team.

Here’s a quick run down on some of the things we’ve been cooking up!
1. Connections Get Kicked Up a Notch
We moved a step closer to perfecting our recipe for connection analysis using what we call entity triangulation. By comparing and merging executive profiles from different data sources, we maximize your ability to leverage relationships. You also get the very best information that sources like Reuters, Hoovers, D&B, and ZoomInfo have to offer — all in one executive profile.

2. Fire Up SalesView Search From Your CRM
Our latest Salesforce mash-up allows you to search SalesView without leaving your CRM. Not finding any search results in your Salesforce? No problem. Use the new SalesView search box in the left-hand navigation to find the company or executive you’re looking for (and export them back into your CRM with a single click!)

3. Capture All the Flavor of Agents in Your CRM
Wish you could easily save the key events and insights found by SalesView’s Smart Agents? Well now you can. Our Salesforce mash-up now allows you to save Agent events as a Task or Note so that you can easily follow up on them. You can also email Agent events to other members of your sales and marketing team without having to leave your CRM.

These are just some of the updates you will notice in SalesView. We’ve also done some great work to make company and executive searches even faster. Check it all out for yourself by logging into SalesView today.

While summer is winding down in most places, our summer is just hitting it’s stride here in the Bay Area. And that means you can look for more great features hot off the grill. In the coming months you will see some great new capabilities related to CRM integration, new content sources, and additional breakthroughs in the use of social media in the enterprise.