If the purse strings feel tight here in the Bay Area, imagine being in the hub of world finance:  The Big Apple.  But that’s where Umberto was last week, taking part in the 2008 Interop conference.  In addition to speaking on ‘The ROI for Social Networking’ panel, Umberto also met up with numerous journalists from a wide spectrum of beats:  CRM, enterprise, and even finance.

He first caught up with Curtis Franklin of SMB IT to talk about InsideView’s exciting and compelling developments in the socialprise, just how it is that SalesView actually works, and how it’s making a difference in the sales force landscape:

Interop Podcast Interview

Not every interview was about SalesView and the socialprise, though.  As CEO of a successful start-up, he shared his experience as such during these challenging economic times.

Speaking with Mary Kathleen Flynn from TheDeal.com about the impact of the tough economy on the start-up and Web 2.0 environment, Umberto said that one positive impact is that the real innovators can rise to the top:

Video interview with The Deal.com

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