Defining the Web has never been easy, and oftentimes even the phrase “defining the Web” comes across as a perfunctory cliche.

So we’ll use “shape” instead.  And that’s exactly what we’re doing today, at the Web 3.0 Expo in the heart of Silicon Valley.

We’ll be joining folks from all over the world, who are gathering in Santa Clara for the first ever Web 3.0 Conference and Expo, to discuss and debate what exactly the next Web will look like (and has already started to look like).  At the hub of the event is the shift from isolated content “silos” to a more “semantic” Web.  The increasingly semantic Web is one of new connections, new mashups, and new intuition.  Indeed, we’ve seen the Web go from simple pages linking other pages to the age of user-generated content and enormous information-sharing to…what we have today.  And that “what” is exactly what will be discussed at the conference!

At the conference, Umberto Milletti, InsideView CEO, will be participating on the panel “Approaches for Deeper Customer/User Relationships.” Umberto will be able to not only speak to the enormous power of the Web as it stands today, but also actually help shape what that Web is – and will be – by adding our concept of the socialprise to that mix.

More important than simply selling a product, helping shape the future of the Web is both a passion and privilege at our company.  See you in Santa Clara!