In a huge (and legitimizing) nod to the work of Sales and CRM 2.0 innovators, Forrester Research recently published the report CRM 2.0:  Fantasy or Reality? Analyst Bill Band’s answer to the question posed in the title can be discerned from this great tidbit from the report:  “Now is the time to take action to start gaining the practical experience you need to break out of old mindsets and grasp new opportunities.”  In the report, Band showcases a number of CRM companies’ recent adoptions of Web 2.0 technologies, and gives an in-depth picture on what the different players are employing in their CRM 2.0 efforts.

We are delighted to be a part of the report’s highlight of our customer LucidEra in the “Energizing” section.  According to Band, “next-generation CRM thinking acknowledges the importance of bread-and-butter selling actions, but it incorporates the idea that an organization can ‘energize’ its best customers to boost its business.”  Band continues that companies “are doing this through fostering sales team collaboration and providing data and links for gaining introductions to influential customer network members by using business-oriented social networking and contact management solutions.”

Examples of such a strategy includes the exact socialprise work we do here at InsideView to bolster the sales force’s lead qualification through data harvested from the social Web.  It is great that industry analysts are seeing not only the value, but vital strategic role that Sales 2.0 is playing in the CRM space of today and tomorrow, and we are proud to be a part of this first official wave of Sales 2.0 innovation.