Momentum is rising here at InsideView.  Today, our company was featured in two articles on ZDNet and 1to1Media analyzing the future of what we do here at InsideView:  Bringing the socialprise to sales and marketing teams.

In his ZDNet forecast feature article, Paul Greenberg shares his predictions for CRM in 2009, stating matter-of-factly, “consumer thinking is deeply penetrating the enterprise.” This “consumer thinking” is manifested in the millions of people updating their personal information on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace.  In fact, just viewing someone’s profile on any number of social networking sites amounts to getting a snapshot of their consumer mindset at any given time.

Moving this information into the enterprise — or, what we’ve always called “socialprise” — is our passion here at InsideView.  This year alone we’ve seen CRM leaders integrate our SalesView solution into their very own applications, something that Greenberg highlights in his article, and which he says will be inevitable in 2009.  In his ranked-by-probability forecasting, one of his predictions is that CRM and Web 2.0 (or social Web) will fully integrate with one another.  “Economic difficulties or not, CRM vendors will accelerate the integration of social tools into their formerly operational software.”

We were a part of the first wave of such adoption this year, partnering with companies like Orace, Microsoft, SugarCRM, Landslide Technologies and, and are proud to be a part of what he calls an “unstoppable trend” in an “ecosystem run by the customers.”

In another article published in 1to1Media’s November/December issue, Jeremy Nedelka highlights the use of social networking in the salesforce already and uses as an example InsideView customer Advantage’s process of incorporating SalesView into its CRM program to “better inform” its salesforce.  He discusses why having such information at the sales representatives’ fingertips is critical, pointing out that this valuable information “isn’t available through list services, but a social network profile reveals a deeper portrait of clients, including hobbies, affiliations, and in some cases even their favorite movies or books.”  He goes on to conclude, “In today’s virtual world, where business is largely conducted via email and other impersonal means, going in with increased insight makes all the difference.”

As we face the end of 2008, it is great to see that the innovations we’ve worked toward here at InsideView have been both recognized and praised by the folks with their fingers most closely on the pulse of the industry.  And as we head in to a new year of greater challenges and possibilities, we are proud to be on the forefront of such innovations.