Umberto was recently interviewed by The Deal about social networking and the enterprise at the 2008 Web 2.0 Expo in New York. We’ve included some choice quotes from the interview below, but for your viewing pleasure, you can now watch the full video here.

“We’re a ‘socialprise’ application,” explains InsideView Inc. founder and CEO Umberto Milletti, who came up with the coinage. “We help enterprises leverage social information within their customer relationship management application to allow their sales and marketing people to be more effective.”

“Companies see their users using Facebook, their employees getting on LinkedIn and doing blogging, but they don’t quite know how to use it, how to make sense of it,” Milletti says. “Socialprise applications allow an enterprise to use social media, but do so in a structured environment, which is an enterprise application. In our case, it’s a CRM application.”