We continue our series on the major tenets of Sales 2.0 by focusing on accountability.  We are basing much of our content on the recent article “Sales 2.0:  How soon will it improve your business?” by Pelin Wood Thorogood and Gerhard Gschwandtner.  You can read the piece in its entirety at SellingPower.com, or in this recent article at InsideCRM.

Selling is shifting from a freewheeling organization to a culture of accountability. Whether it is the optimization of sales pipelines, the resizing of a territory or performance monitoring to reward the right sales behavior at the right time, Sales 2.0 solutions increase accountability for all stakeholders while reducing costs. Armed with precise data, marketing managers can track the effectiveness of each campaign, and sales managers will no longer act on hunches but will manage by metrics and hold their salespeople’s feet to the fire.

There are already several solutions available to support this characteristic of Sales 2.0: LucidEra helps sales managers quickly analyze the effectiveness of their sales organization. Easy-to-use analytics helps users understand what they need to do to improve their sales performance without increasing sales costs. Xactly Corp. has created an on-demand sales compensation solution that includes an online incentive program. The moment salespeople reach a certain performance level, they can instantly choose from an exciting selection of motivating rewards.