We are very pleased to have been included today in CRM expert, critic and evangelist Paul Greenberg’s ZDNet blog post about companies to watch in 2009.  His end-of-the-year series has covered what he considers both the trends, as well as the true movers and shakers in all-things-CRM (and, more specifically, CRM 2.0) — everything from mobile CRM to the acceleration of “CRM 2.0” to SaaS delivery to tomorrow’s big players — both “industry giants” as well as “up and coming” companies.

We’ve worked hard to innovate the socialprise — that is, where the social Web meets the enterprise — and this year has been a flagship year in that effort.  We are proud, at the end of such a year (marked by strong CRM partnerships, recognition in the media, and a swath of wonderful customers), to be included in what Paul calls “genuine gems” in the future of CRM 2.0.

Number one on his list?  InsideView.  He says, “They are deeply rooted and involved. Their service is invaluable – and most of all is cool without being there to be cool.”

What’s more is that Paul “gets it.”  His series on CRM in 2009 is insightful and squarely on par with our own vision.  Features of Sales 2.0, which we’ve recently described at length here, are also weaved throughout his articles, and it’s very exciting to be at this place in the CRM space as the year comes to an end.

Here’s looking to 2009!