InsideView has been featured in a brand new book all about Sales 2.0 by authors Brent Holloway and Anneke Seley (“Sales 2.0:  Improve Business Results Using Innovative Sales Practicies and Technology, 2008, John Wiley & Sons).  The book sets out to tackle the new challenge of sales teams…namely, identifying and communicating with customers in this Web-based, information-overloaded world. This has been a great year for innovation in sales intelligence technology and this book is coming out at just the right time to capture the recent advances in this industry.

As part of its chapter titled “Sales 2.0 Technology:  Selecting the Right Enabling Tools,” the writers describe InsideView at length as part of the theme of sales intelligence and getting to know the customer:

“Never before has there been so much customer and prospect information…salespeople can now leverage the Internet and emerging Sales 2.0 technologies to learn more about their qualified prospects and their specific needs before a sales call.  Some emerging companies have taken notice of this new challenge.  InsideView is a business search and intelligence company that aggregates traditional subscription-based and Web 2.0 user-generated data sources and then uses customizable agents to alerts Sales of compelling business events.”

The section goes on to describe SalesView in good detail and highlights specific ROI examples from our users.

The book is a great resource for anyone looking to not only understand where the sales profession is heading, as well as the challenges it faces, but also how to successfully meet this exciting future head-on.  Sales 2.0 is quickly moving from the future to the present, and we are excited to have been there from the beginning.