Last Thursday’s funding news was an enormously exciting time for us here at InsideView and we have really enjoyed reading the steady stream of great articles that have been published about our news.  The New York Times ran an article that same day, noting that our “divining rod” (what they called SalesView) is garnering confidence from investors because “maximizing efficiency becomes even more essential for businesses looking to weather the recession.”  Expounding on that same theme, the folks at eWeek focused their coverage on how InsideView was able to close its latest funding round in these tight times — namely, that our technology has seen strong user adoption and is a highly-differentiated Sales 2.0 solution — and concluded, “If only all companies had such a shingle to point to during the recession.”

While we love to see our name in the media buzz, we’re more happy that Sales 2.0 and the principles we hold dear are starting to become recognized.