An insightful study was recently released by the Aberdeen Group on trends in Sales Intelligence. The report, “Sales Intelligence: The Secret to Sales Nirvana,” examines the new ways in which companies are using technology to “improve the effectiveness of the sales force and enrich the quality leads in the sales pipeline.” Naturally, the subject is near and dear to our hearts here at InsideView and we were pleased to see that many of the report’s observations on ‘Best-in-class’ practices are already employed by InsideView. Below is a passage from the study that we strongly agree with and which highlights one of the key advantages that sales 2.0 technology brings:

“By contextualizing a lead with relevant company, executive, or industry information, top performing companies are better suited to distinguish themselves from the competition and better articulate how their products and services can help combat the business challenges the prospect faces.”

If you would like to read the full report, it is now available for free at the Aberdeen website: