This week we launched a new way for InsideView users to share our technology with others who might benefit from Sales 2.0 innovations: the Trusted Advisor Program, or “TAP.”  We know that our own clients — the companies who use SalesView — are in touch daily with customers of their own. The TAP allows such folks to deliver additional value to clients and earn generous referral fees when their customers decide to deploy SalesView.

In the current economic environment, sales and marketing organizations of all sizes are looking for ways to do more with less. This has fueled demand for Sales 2.0 technologies, which hold the promise of increasing sales productivity and accelerating sales cycles. Growing interest in Sales 2.0, along with SalesView’s viral growth through word-of-mouth in 2008, prompted us to create the TAP in order to meet demand.

Sales expert and longtime InsideView advocate Jill Konrath has recently noted that Sales 2.0 is the future of the sales profession, and that “InsideView is a perfect example of how Sales 2.0 technologies are improving sales productivity.” Our own director of product management, Marc Perramond, says that the number of SalesView customers tripled last year, ironically due to the sour economy: “Most of that growth came in Q4 with the financial crisis in full swing. It may seem counterintuitive but the typical sales exec is facing hiring freezes or even staff cuts, so they need tools to make their existing teams more productive.”

We hope our new TAP partner initiative will help us scale to meet this growing demand for Sales 2.0 technologies and generate more business for our partners and their customers in the process. And as our lawmakers focus heavily this week on bolstering the U.S. economy, we like to think of the TAP as our own pipeline stimulus plan.


InsideView takes the “Make-A-Referral-Week” pledge to stimulate the economy –

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