Release notes for new SalesView release v39

(InsideView – The Sales 2.0 Leader)

SalesView is an on-demand sales intelligence application that increase sales productivity and velocity.  SalesView leverages socialprise technology to bring insights from both traditional editorial sources and emerging social media into enterprise applications.



Embedded LinkedIn “Company Insider” widget – We launched a tighter integration with LinkedIn showing summary connection information before launching to the detailed LinkedIn search results. You will find a new tab in the company details page and a popup box in the Analysis Console and connection results page.

Tagging Lead source as “SalesView” during Export and Data Sync – When exporting new leads or enriching existing ones, we now populate the lead source field in with “SalesView.”

Identify news sites that require registration or paid subscription – News sites requiring registration will now display a subtle “lock” or “dollar sign” icon.

Introduced PRO monthly payment option – Users can buy SalesView PRO as a reoccurring monthly subscription.  This promotional offer will be available at least through March 21st.


Enhanced agent summary text – Our trigger even summary text now emphasizes keyword matches over company name so that users can quickly understand the relevance and context of the article. We also show matches in the article title.

Enhanced duplicate account matching algorithm – During export of Accounts and Contacts to, we now match website and partial company name to identify potential duplicates.