In addition to the excitement surrounding this spring’s Sales 2.0 Conference here in San Francisco, today we were pleased to announce two other huge advancements on the Sales 2.0 front here at InsideView.

First, we’ve teamed up with CRM expert Paul Greenberg, enterprise technology analyst Alex Jefferies and Sales 2.0 author Anneke Seley to produce a series of Sales 2.0 Webinars. The Sales 2.0 Executive Series will begin on March 19, and will explore the latest productivity-enhancing sales strategies in an economic climate where the number of legitimate sales opportunities appears to be shrinking. The sessions will reveal tangible methods for achieving significant efficiencies in sales organizations by empowering them with the information and the tools they need to be successful.  Be sure to join us for a set of informative sessions with some of the best minds in sales and CRM today!

Second, we’re excited to announce that Cast Iron Systems, a leading SaaS integration company and former OneSource customer, has adopted SalesView. The decision for the Cast Iron folks to sign on with SalesView came from the advantage that Sales 2.0 technologies brings over traditional business information services.  Says Cast Iron sales head George Gallegos, “The completeness of the prospect data and the relevance of the alerts, coupled with its powerful CRM mash-up make SalesView a highly effective sales productivity enhancer. The insights we gain from SalesView are key to qualifying opportunities early in the sales cycle so that we focus our efforts only on those prospects who fit squarely into our sweet spot.”

That sweet spot is exactly what we’re going for as innovators in sales technologies, and we hope to continue bringing it to more companies as Sales 2.0 keeps growing.