This week, CRM expert Paul Greenberg continues the Twitter/sales discussion in his recent ZDNet post “Is Twitter Social CRM? Nope.” In the piece he argues that while folks like Jeremiah Owyang and Brian Solis are claiming the micro-blogging tool will become a very useful too for ‘social CRM,’ in reality it can’t be due to the “M” — management. If Twitter were to allow the management of conversations around brands and businesses, then it would simply no longer be the freewheeling communication platform it has become.

Paul does conceed though that Twitter can be used as “a channel for finding the customers to engage with and to get data from” and a means for developing “richer customer insights.” How does he differentiate this from Social CRM? We recommend reading the article.

‘Social CRM’ relates to the ability of CRM technology to monitor, engage, and interact, on a social-Web level — essentially, to do its job in a social-Web context. This technology is evolving, from mash-ups to becoming part of CRM offerings out of the gate. The idea that CRM is getting social is hardly new, but it is exciting to see the ways that it keeps getting social. Twitter is latest ingredient in a cornucopia of information that the social Web offers up and we are curious to see what role it can play in the future of sales intelligence. One can observe the limitations that the service currently has for sales prospecting, but as Twitter evolves, we may be singing a different tune.

Update April 8th:  The Twitter + Social CRM discussion continues on ZDNet —  and there’s promising talk of collaboration between industry pundits Paul Greenberg and Brian Solis.  Check out the full discussion thread here: