Release notes for SalesView release v40



User-Driven Executive Coverage – We’ve made it possible to add any executive to SalesView from our partners ‘on-demand’.  Just as you’ve been able to add companies to SalesView whenever a lead or account of interest is missing, you are now able to add new business contacts to SalesView on-the-fly (searching by name or title key words.)  This is extremely useful for your lead qualification and account research!

User-Driven Executive Coverage

Expanded Smart Connections – We’ve improved our Smart Connections technology to help you identify more ‘hidden’ relationships.  For example, you can now leverage colleagues’ previous employments and view all 2nd level connections.  These enhancements have more than tripled the number of connections visible within the average lead / account.

Expanded Smart Connections

One click CRM export – We’ve streamlined the account, lead, and contact export process for and Oracle CRM On Demand customers.  You can now export executive profiles with a single click from the People tab in the CRM mash-up.

One-click CRM export from SalesView mash-up



Improved performance – We’ve significantly increased speed, particularly for your CRM mash-up views, by streaming Smart Agent trigger events ‘on demand’ and persisting Smart Connection results so they are not calculated at load time.

Launch executive profiles from summary alerts – We’ve added the ability to drill down to business contact details directly from your daily/weekly summary alert emails whenever an executive is mentioned in a Leadership Change trigger event.

CRM export preferences – We’ve persisted CRM mapping / preferences so that you are not prompted to select their CRM each time you export a new Account, Contact, or Lead from SalesView.

Custom Smart Agent creation – We’ve added a prompt in the Analyze tab to let you know about any badly formed custom Smart Agents.  If you happen to create too broad of a Smart Agent definition, you will see a prompt within a few minutes so that you can quickly refine your key words and logic.


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