Despite the economy, it’s been an exciting spring here in San Francisco. Some highlights include the very thoughtful discussions around the continued rapid evolution of what social media and networking mean for sales and marketing at a few recent events we’ve participated in — Sales 2.0 and SaaS Summit. Taking a step back, we are reminded of the umbrella under which a lot of the excitement and innovations in our world lies: Enterprise 2.0.

To quote the oranizers of the upcoming Enterprise 2.0 conference, E2.0 technologies “make accessible the collective intelligence of many, translating to a huge competitive advantage in the form of increased innovation, productivity and agility.”

As the social Web continues to expand and weave into every possible aspect of our lives, the data and content that comes with it poses both great potential and challenge for the enterprise as a whole. For example, as we recently explained, Twitter essentially “ups the ante” in terms of volume and frequency of new data. It’s on us to keep up, and to infuse the specific and relevant portions directly into the place where business is driven.

Any enterprise initiative needs to “embrace the new tools that enable contextual, agile and simplified information exchange and collaboration,” as the E2.0 blog explains.

The recognition of Web 2.0’s importance in business continues to roll out in the tech world; everything from folks “just getting it” (like this blog post at Tech Leader) to others already putting on yearly conferences on the theme. We’re excited to be a part of this tidal wave of change and taking an active role in piecing the many new technological mediums into agents for more productivity, smarter workflows and a more informed enterprise.