One of the most exciting things about being a part of the Sales 2.0 space is working with companies to actually help answer their questions and to get an implementation plan in place. The technologies are upon us, but there are still a myriad of questions folks have about how to carry it all out, what it can really do for them, and why it’s so important.

Tomorrow, April 21, will be the second of a free, four-part educational Webinar series all about sales intelligence. The session, titled “Prospecting 2.0 – The Cold Call is Dead,” features Sales 2.0 author Anneke Seley, as well as Jellyvision Labs VP of Business Development Josh Braun and Marketbright VP of Sales Mike Pilcher. They’ll discuss and help answer any questions you have about effective prospecting and lead/opportunity generation.


Update: The Prospecting 2.0 webinar was a huge hit.  Thank you to all those that attended.  And a big thank you to our moderator, inside sales goddess Anneke Seely and to our panelists, fearless Sales 2.0 experimenters Mike Pilcher and Josh Braun.

A recording of the webinar is now available at