On the heels of our recent NetSuite partnership, as well as Twitter integration news, we had the chance to talk with PC Mag and ‘@Work’ reporter Kathy Yakal about what enterprise technology and the social Web mean to today’s workplace. Kathy covers news, trends and solutions that make a difference at work in her regular column ‘Tech Tools for Better Business.’

In her post today, Kathy covers our recent Buzz Tab launch and its implications, framing the article with the question: What if Twitter could come to me instead of me going to it?

And Kathy answered her own question in resounding fashion, “This is a great idea, a perfect partnership.”

We certainly agree. Relevant Twitter feeds brought directly within the CRM application stand to deliver more actionable, current information to sales professionals, which will help them do their job more efficiently and with better results. As Kathy notes, “SalesView connects the dots for you.”

It’s been an exciting few weeks here as we continue to fortify a solution that works for everyone, across all CRM platforms, with the newest resources living out there on the social Web. Kathy’s article identifies many of the advantages that SalesView now brings to sales professionals, to read the full article on InsideView, please click here