Today the Enterprise 2.0 Conference kicks off in Boston and the organizers certainly have a lot on their plates this year! The conference organizer, TechWeb’s Steve Wylie, gave CRM analyst and ZDNet blogger Paul Greenberg a great perspective recently about why this year’s theme — adoption — will lead to some interesting and informative key take-aways for the attendees.

Our own CEO, Umberto Milletti, will be speaking on one panel that’s sure to result in helpful tools for the sales and marketing enterprise. Wednesday’s “Web 2.0 and Selling” panel will break down the explosion of Web 2.0 tools which brings customers so quickly and directly into all aspects of sales and marketing. As the moderator – Mark Lazen of Social Media Today, describes – “Today’s buyers are not content to be passive recipients of controlled and targeted information; they are demanding an equal voice in the sales process, sharing information, engaging with other buyers in digital communities, and doing competitive research online.”

Umberto and his co-panelists will explore what this means, and how sales people have to be smarter and learn how to translate the sales fundamentals into “social selling.” Be sure to check out the panel on Wednesday at 2:15 (Harbor Ballroom III) and follow along in the entire week’s Enterprise 2.0 conversation using the Twitter hashtag #e2conf!