We’re excited to announce today that the second quarter of business produced record performance for InsideView. There was tremendous growth in revenue, customers and users, which is a strong testament to the value of Sales 2.0 technology. InsideView’s products are now used by over 15,000 sales professionals and 1,700 companies worldwide!

Last quarter was also momentous for product development, as we launched our real-time social media monitoring tool Buzz Tab for SalesView. The Buzz Tab was the first instance where relevant intelligence aggregated from Twitter and Google Blog Search, along with Compete.com Web statistics, became accessible directly in all major CRM applications.

“We are extremely pleased about InsideView’s continued growth, especially over the last business quarter,” said Umberto Milletti, CEO of InsideView. “InsideView’s Sales 2.0 technology, which enables companies to do more with less by accelerating sales cycles and increasing sales productivity, has proven to be extremely valuable for sales teams in this challenging economic climate. Our team has continued to innovate and produce the industry’s most effective Sales Intelligence application, and our performance reflects that dedication.”

Financial highlights from Q2 performance include:

•    214% bookings growth over same quarter last year;

•    377% revenue growth over same quarter last year;

•    233% customer growth over same quarter last year;

•    260% seat growth over same quarter last year.