We’re here at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago for the Sales 2.0 Conference and just listened to the ‘Sales Lead Management 2.0 – Best Practices for a Profitable Lead Pipeline’ session. Panelist David Fitzgerald, executive vice president of sales, marketing and services for Brainshark, gave an engaging presentation on Brainshark’s very successful performance last quarter and savvy use of Sales 2.0 technologies, such as SalesView.

Some of the business challenges that Fitzgerald noted that Brainshark had been experiencing prior to their accelerated sales growth included:
– Increasing Sales Productivity – how to achieve more effective sales prospecting.
– Increasing Marketing Campaign effectiveness
– Improving the quality of the data in SFDC
– Named Account Management – Brainshark had a need for hierarchy information, access to named account information and demographics for territory account assignments

Brainshark made the decision in February 2009 to begin using InsideView as their sales intelligence provider and during its first six months of SalesView deployment they have achieved more than a 320% return on investment (ROI) and a 12% increase in their pipeline! Some of the specific reasons that he attributed SalesView helping to increase Brainshark’s sales productivity included its easy-to-use integration with SFDC, as well as the quick access the application provides to high level contacts, social media buzz, competitive news and account hierarchies. He also noted that SalesView increased their marketing campaign effectiveness through the improved quality and quantity of leads and demographic data it provided.

To illustrate the success that Brainshark has experienced with InsideView, David gave the example of a significant deal that one of his reps used to close a deal with Wolters Kluwer, a five billion dollar information and business intelligence company. Tim McDonough, strategic account manager at Brainshark, recorded a 2-3 minute testimonial (using the Brainshark technology of course, very cool idea).  In it he highlights how SalesView helped him quickly find key executives’ contact information and build a customized executive presentation based on intelligence found by SalesView Smart Agents and the new ‘Buzz’ tab.  Throughout the 10 week sales cycle, Brainshark also continued to receive automated alerts via SalesView, keeping him informed about any key events at the company.

InsideView testimonial by Brainshark strategic account manager Tim McDonough

InsideView testimonial by Brainshark strategic account manager Tim McDonough

Brainshark’s success with SalesView is reflective of the type of sales productivity and performance gains that we are seeing across InsideView’s client base. We are very excited to see our clients utilizing SalesView in such effective ways and turning the potential of Sales 2.0 technology like ours into solid success metrics.