What a year it’s been! We’re really excited to announce today that InsideView has experienced significant growth since the same quarter as last year, including a revenue growth of 294% over the third quarter of 2008. It’s been an extremely busy quarter with the announcement of partnerships with top tier information providers, such as Thomson Reuters, Capital IQ (a Standard & Poor’s company), Cortera and NetProspex, as well the launch of the InsideView Smart Cloud™platform.

The InsideView Smart Cloud is the first sales intelligence solution to allow plug-and-play addition and validation of content, a critical component for keeping up with the constantly changing information sources across the Web. To read more about the platform, check out TechCrunchIT’s article on the launch here.

Overall, we’ve seen great growth across our business during the third quarter. Some additional financial highlights include:

—  163% bookings growth over same quarter last year
—  294% revenue growth over same quarter last year
—  250% customer growth over same quarter last year
—  235% seat growth over same quarter last year

And we’re moving right along. Be on the lookout for exciting news coming from us soon.