We’re pleased to announce that Innotas, an on-demand IT governance solution, has successfully deployed SalesView. In the year since Innotas began utilizing SalesView they have registered incredible results, including a more than 150% growth in year-over-year revenue, a 200% increase in call volume, 240% increase in transactions and nearly 1,000% increase in customers contacted!

Kevin Kern, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Innotas noted about SalesView, “Before deploying SalesView, we were experiencing the all-too-common problems that sales teams face: Inaccurate and incomplete data, conflicting customer list information, and insufficient and redundant prospecting activity meant there was no single source of ‘truth’ in our data. SalesView has corrected these issues and contributed greatly to our tremendous revenue, transaction and pipeline growth over the past year.”

SalesView has helped Innotas create a systematic way to manage sales territories more effectively and deliver improved information and visibility into opportunities. The application also simplified the prospecting process and improved cross-selling with Innotas’ existing customers.

As Kern also noted, “Simply put, better data means warmer sales calls — and that’s huge.”

It’s tremendous to see what Innotas has been able to achieve in its target market with SalesView. We’re looking forward to hearing more about their continued growth and SalesView’s role in achieving excellent results.