The tide is changing in the sales intelligence industry. Hundreds of businesses have moved on from legacy sales data providers such as Hoover’s and OneSource to InsideView’s Sales 2.0-powered Sales Intelligence solution, SalesView. And the pace of companies switching to our Sales 2.0 solution is accelerating. SalesView customers are achieving higher sales productivity, identifying additional customer engagement opportunities as well as realizing broader CRM adoption across their sales teams.

The recent proliferation of data sources is making it difficult for legacy data providers to keep up with this accelerating trend, leading to scaling issues. Data explosion is also resulting in conflicting or incorrect information between providers. Legacy sales data providers typically use a difficult-to-scale, editorial-based approach to offer static company and contact information. As a vendor-neutral intelligent data aggregator, InsideView is in a unique position to leverage its Smart Cloud platform to address these problems, ultimately delivering the most relevant and accurate sales intelligence.

Independent research corroborates the higher productivity levels of InsideView customers. According to Peter Ostrow, research director for sales effectiveness at The Aberdeen Group, “InsideView customers are achieving 32% better performance than non-customers, in terms of current lead conversion rates and hitting quota, and year-to-year growth in revenue and win/loss ratios.”

Check out what people are saying after they switch to our SalesView application:

“Our decision to switch to SalesView from Hoover’s was driven by our desire to consolidate multiple data sources into a single stream as well as improve the quality and relevance of the intelligence our business development team relies on daily to formulate target account strategy,” said James Warren, director, global business development at RightNow Technologies. “Another key factor in our decision was the accurate prospect information SalesView delivers.”

“Since our switch to SalesView earlier this year, call preparation has become much more efficient, and conversations with prospects a lot more informed,” stated Eric Johnson, vice president of worldwide sales operations at Serena Software.

“The primary reason for our decision to replace Hoover’s with SalesView was its tight, easy-to-use integration with,” said John Knotwell, senior director of sales operations at inContact. “The single point of access is a significant sales productivity enhancer, enabling fast and effective prospecting and account planning.”

“After an in-depth evaluation, we selected SalesView as our standard sales intelligence platform primarily due to its breadth of company and contact coverage as well as the tight integration with,” said Neil Florio director of marketing for Qlikview. “The watch lists and associated smart alerts deliver the sales team timely and relevant information about our prospects.  And, as an added bonus, the integration has helped increase CRM adoption within our team and improve our overall CRM data quality.”

“Our trial with InsideView demonstrated significant value over Hoover’s based on head-to-head tests in several active campaigns. The depth of contacts was far superior to Hoover’s and Smart Agents™ brought relevant news about target accounts directly to our sales team,” said Glenn Haertel, executive vice president at SynQ Solutions. “SalesView’s tight integration into Microsoft Dynamics CRM was another key factor in our decision-making.  We adopted SalesView even though we still had six months left on the Hoover’s contract.”