Our sales intelligence just became even smarter. Beginning today SaleView will provide free access to corporate family trees. Corporate family trees paint a more complete picture of account opportunity across all related businesses and enable customers to stay up-to-date with changes in corporate structure, making them highly valued by sales organizations for territory planning, account planning, as well as identification of cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Legacy data vendors have typically taken many years to create corporate family trees due to their dependence on editorial staffs, and have traditionally charged steep licensing fees. SalesView customers will enjoy unlimited access to corporate family tree information at no additional cost. By utilizing the InsideView Smart Cloud ™ platform, we were able to create  a comprehensive corporate family tree feature in just a few months and make it freely available to our users.

“Delivering corporate family trees in record time and at no additional cost to our customer base is yet another testament to InsideView’s Smart Cloud platform,” said Rand Schulman, chief marketing officer of InsideView. “InsideView customers now have unlimited access to timely and accurate corporate hierarchy information to maximize sales opportunities within each account.”

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