Two days into this year’s Dreamforce conference and we’re noticing that data is a big trending topic.

And we’re ecstatic.

Quality of data is the key to the sales intelligence business and we pride ourselves in being able to deliver smart, fresh and complete information to sales people all around the world in real-time. BNET‘s David Weir wrote an in-depth article today from Dreamforce on the changing landscape of sales intelligence industry and the increasing importance of data gleaned from social media. Weir gives InsideView’s Sales 2.0 business model a strong endorsement in the piece, noting, “Meanwhile, the legacy biz-intel companies are still out there, trying to adapt, but disruptive technology companies like InsideView look to me to be poised to eat their lunch.” To read the full article, please click here.

As we noted in our announcement earlier this month, the constantly increasing sources of data now available on the Web have led to the rapid abandonment of traditional editorial providers like Hoover’s and OneSource for Sales 2.0 solutions like SalesView, which are able to quickly aggregate relevant information from across the Web and deliver it immediately.

Throughout the #DF09 expo floor this year, you’ll see folks working in the “better data” realm left and right. Everything from ensuring accurate account views to monitoring sentiment information to the real-time aggregation end like we work in — and this all of course validated by the huge announcement from yesterday on their new Chatter launch — it’s becoming all about the data.

Just what we like to see!