The Aberdeen Group’s recent study deconstructed the best-in-class inside sales deployments, surveying 476 organizations and found that sales practitioners using SalesView outperformed other companies in both performance and the adoption of best-in-class practices (as defined in this Analyst Insight). Aberdeen notes the significant increase in overall sales performance, quota achievement, win/loss and lead-conversion rates when compared to companies not utilizing the application.

Aberdeen cites SalesView’s technology, aggregating sales intelligence from social media and traditional sources, in turn increasing sales productivity and velocity. The study credits SalesView’s CRM integration with providing the following benefits:

  • 27% increase in overall productivity
  • 32% more sales reps achieve their quotas
  • 31% more sales reps see a better win/loss rate
  • 18% more sales reps convert leads to the closing stage

According to Peter Ostrow, research director for sales effectiveness at The Aberdeen Group, “Access to sales intelligence, especially when directly fed into CRM/SFA systems, is clearly one of the major enablers for the best-in-class companies in the study. Sales teams who are deploying InsideView’s sales intelligence application are indeed achieving 32% better performance than non-customers, in terms of current lead conversion rates and hitting quota, and year-to-year growth in revenue and win/loss ratios.”

Perhaps the most impressive statistic from the Aberdeen study was this: despite the 2008 and 2009 recession, InsideView customers posted year-over-year gains in quota attainment, revenue, win rates, and lead conversion rates.

sales intelligence impact on sales productivity

While we’ve been able to share individual success stories of InsideView customers, it’s exciting to have analyst research affirm the positive impact that Sales 2.0 technologies like SalesView have on sales organizations in aggregate. Check out the entire report here.