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I work at sales intelligence leader, InsideView and we’re in the same building as Zynga at 444 De Haro Street in San Francisco. I used to be addicted to FarmVille, playing it daily on Facebook. I couldn’t handle the pressure and responsibility of my e-farm and stopped playing a few months ago. I call it a vacation and imagine some day I’ll be back on that farm, tending away. Despite my lack of use, it looks like Zynga is growing like crazy. I see their staff around the building every day looking pretty happy to be at work and often wonder what goes on behind the doors of their many offices. So I decided to do some research in our own product, SalesView.

Within minutes I found these articles from ITProPortal, The Money Times, PCWorld, cnet news and more outlining the possibility of Zynga bailing out of Facebook and starting their own social gaming network using SalesView (see image below). From there I found even more commentary on the subject, including Michael Arrington’s post on TechCrunch.

Zynga in SalesView

I quickly became concerned about the idea of adding yet another website to my list of social networks. Would social network aggregators like FriendFeed, Netvibes, TweetDeck be so popular if people really wanted to have more destinations to go to on the internet? Social content needs to be “where I’m at” and if it’s not I need a damn good reason to go there.

But as a social news aggregator, this is great for InsideView. The more decentralized information there is about people and companies the more important it is that there are tools out there to show the right information in the right place at the right time. And we can do that.

Beth Goldman
Manager of User Experience