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By Santosh Shukla, InsideView Hyderabad.

Is Sales 2.0 old wine in a new bottle?  Is it all about technology, for technology’s own sake? Or is it about leveraging new tools to sell more efficiently? Here is my take on the term.

Sales 2.0 – One more buzzword? To quote Shakespeare for nth time:  that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. In other words, the name itself is not important. However, to refer to this next level of selling with a common terminology, we would call it Sales 2.0

The game has not changed, the rules of the game have. Cold Calling has been taken over by Social Calling. Outbound Sales by Inbound Marketing, educating the customer is more important than duping the customer. More listening is required than talking. Cloud is preferred over on-premise.

But for all those new new tools and techniques, the objective of selling isn’t to use some fancy new piece of software for its own sake. The objective is to close deals. The most effective salespeople focus 95% of their efforts on selling and 5% on learning about new technology. If using the new technology takes more than that, it’s not worth it!

The next level of sales certainly encompasses (but not limited to) these:

I am happy to see that all the Sales 2.0 companies have their own definitions of Sales 2.0, while still accommodating the evolution of the term Sales 2.0. I am also excited the way sales industry is evolving itself with the ecosystem, and that Customer 2.0 is forcing the development of Sales 2.0

Here is the crux. Salespeople are good at selling, and the Sales 2.0 companies are good at technology that helps salespeople stay informed and effective.  And for the Etymologists, My Sales 2.0 Definition:  Making sales better, whatever it takes!

Happy Selling…