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In the recent past, I’ve read tons of blogs and news on Sales 2.0, Customer 2.0, and Sales Intelligence (SI). It’s not new anymore to be able to connect with people “Socially” over the web. People frequently ask “is cold calling dead?”. I’d argue that it’s evolved, than being dead. The advent of Social Media (though the idea is over 30 years old), has enabled “Cold Callers” to become more “social”, make their calls “warmer”.

Is the Cold Call Really Dead?

The top salespeople would tell you that cold calling can never be truly “dead”. A sales guy has to stay in tune with the market, understand what his buyers want, and meet those needs in the most professional manner. There’s lots of talk about the Social CRM and Inbound Selling. How can CRM’s bring the power of the social part of web, right in to the home of a sales person. SalesForce’s recent acquisition of Jigsaw comes close to it. Bringing user contributed data within your CRM is the first step to enabling sales team’s access first hand data, which could be 90% accurate.

Aligning Sales and Marketing Teams with Sales 2.0

SI is seeing the birth of a new technological wave, which is enabling Sales organizations be better and efficient at what they do, without having to shell out more for it. The amalgamation of marketing and sales teams through technological mediums is helping organizations reduce the quarrel, and increase the bottomline. Can these two teams truly be in sync? I’d say Sales 2.0 is doing exactly that.  Enabling the same technology to be accessible by both, and when the tech. helps marketing “generate” better leads, and Sales “qualify” them quickly, there’s no question the two would be each other’s better half.

Ideas like Sales Intelligence, Sales 2.0, and Customer 2.0 are helping organizations form a more cohesive strategy to approach their customers and prospects. As I mentioned in my earlier post, Connection Mapping is emerging as the new favorite, technology is enabling organizations reach out to better qualified leads, and Marketing is able to give more focused leads to their counterparts in Sales.

Sales 2.0 Equals Better Productivity

We at SalesView are doing all of it, under one roof. Enabling the Social Part of the web to be accessible within the CRM (Twitter feeds, Google blogs update, LinkedIn connections, and Facebook connections) (Social CRM), enabling Marketing and Sales Teams use the same technology to generate better pipelines (Sales 2.0), and helping organizations feel the pulse of the market (Social Media). All of it aimed at reducing research time, increasing ROI, and giving our users an efficient and productive way to sell.