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InsideView is a hotshot company with a dazzling future.  As the leader in sales intelligence and social CRM, InsideView is revolutionizing the way business people communicate.  Period.  It’s what to say, when to say it, and to whom to say it…compliments of SalesView, InsideView’s killer app.

Having spent many years in Marketing, Sales, and Business Development – I know first hand the advantage of having inside knowledge of your prospects and clients.  Sure, there’s lots of info out on the web, but who has time to sift through millions of search results.  Time is my most important asset and having the “inside” scoop is my deadliest weapon.   SalesView is the best of both. SalesView is the best of both. Critical insight and triggers, right inside my workflow, at the moment I need it.   I’d always rather be on offense!

InsideView is growing crazy fast and I can’t wait to propel that momentum with innovative and productive partnerships and alliances.  It’s great to be an “Insider”.  Join the club – come partner with us! heidi.tucker@insideview.com