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How many of you recently visited a customer support community so that you could resolve your issues related to a new product that you just bought?  Many of us no longer have the patience or time to wait on the phone with technical support when something goes wrong.  That’s exactly what Lithium helps consumers of leading companies with – avoid long wait times in call center queues! Put another way – Call centers are powered by traditional CRM and communities are powered by Social CRM!

Lithium is the leading provider of Social CRM solutions required for building successful enterprise communities on-demand, including proven forums, blogs, ideas, tribal knowledge bases, and a Social CRM platform.

Before the phrase “social media” was in our daily vocabulary, Lithium began executing on their vision of enabling enterprises build and leverage customer communities. Top Retailers, Consumer Product manufacturers, Telcos, and High Tech firms – all use Lithium for supporting their customers.

Seeking to drive their market leadership to the next level,  Lithium chose InsideView as their sales productivity solution – to achieve even higher levels of revenue growth and sales effectiveness.

We thank Lithium and look forward to helping them cement their market-leadership!