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Tapping into the 145 Million people that are using Twitter and identifying a sales opportunity may sound like a daunting task. Truth is, at first to a new user that would be the case but there are a few things you can do to make sure you have processes in place to quickly and effectively identify prospects and engage with them. That’s Sales 2.0!

Start with who you know.

Find the companies you are currently doing business with or the ones that you would like to start working with. Chances are they are on Twitter as a company or maybe some of the employees are active on the service. The easiest way to find out is to do some basic searches to see who is out there. A simple Twitter search will let you know who is talking about your industry or company. This is a search for Sales 2.0.


Target Titles on Twitter

It’s not enough to look at the Twitter feeds and see what is being said about your company or industry. You may want to make a find prospects based on their titles within a company. Running an advanced search in Google will let you identify anyone on Twitter that identifies themselves with a title. This example is of VP of Sales on Twitter. Play around with this search to get even more insight to people you want to connect with. Learn more about advanced search tips for Google like the image below.


This is helpful when you are new and trying to find the people you want to follow on Twitter but lets move into the most important part. People are updating Twitter 600 times per second and that can create a lot of noise. This is why following specific people and learning how to search Twitter is so important.

Listen to What They are Telling You

The next step is to review each result and quickly evaluate whether you can help them or not. The beauty of this search feature is that there will constantly be new results coming in so this one search could keep you busy all day and you’ll never run out of people to help! Selling through social media could shorten your sales cycle dramatically if you are focusing only on the people that need your product or service ‘right now’ and with social networks there is an over abundance of real time needs.

The system won’t automatically dump them onto your screen which is good. Once you’ve poured through the most recent results you simply need to look at the top of your results and it will tell you how many new results have come in and click “refresh” to see them.

Social Selling is about using technology

This post is about using twitter for finding customers. Social selling is not limited to Twitter so use the same ideas with other social networks like LinkedIn. How do you use technology to help find customers you can help?