If you follow more than 50 people on Twitter then you know that keeping up with the constant updates from people can be almost impossible. Even if you only use Twitter for personal use, maintaining a clear view of everything can be difficult and forget about it if you use Twitter like me and any other person that is fully immersed into the Twitterverse. [tweetmeme source= “insideview” only_single=false]

Sales and Marketing professionals that use Twitter in a Sales 2.0 fashion can be following thousands of people, brands and news outlets at any given time. The only way to effectively manage this amount of data is to break it up into bite size chunks that can be looked at quickly based on categories. Twitter makes this easy by letting you create “Twitter Lists” on your favorite groups and topics.

Create A Customer Twitter List


You should already know some of your customers that are using Twitter and if not then you should read the post on Optimizing Twitter for Sales Productivity for a quick overview.  Under the primary ‘Lists’ heading, select “New list.” A pop-up window subsequently appears with a space for “List name,” as well as one for a 100-character “Description” — just in case ‘Customers,’ ‘Business News’ or ‘Friend’ titles provide insufficient details. The window also automatically allows users to choose whether to keep the list private or to make it available to the public. If you want to create secret lists on customers that you want to follow then the private setting works great After clicking “Create list,” Twitter immediately diverts the user to a search page to help “Find people to add.”

Add People to Your Lists


Twitter makes this very easy. On every Twitter profile page you will see a little “Lists” button that you have control over selecting what lists that specific person will be found on.

Have Lists Work For You.

You can see who has you listed in the top right corner of your home screen and as a sales 2.0 ninja you can go one step further and get ideas for other people you should be following and listing. Look at lists following you or look at lists that follow interesting people. As an example you can look at lists following our friend Paul Castain and get an idea of other people in the social media and sales world that you may want to know. You can go through other peoples public lists and then follow new people and find new companies and people that you can focus on.


The scope of these lists are only limited to your imagination and 500 people per list (that’s Twitters rules, not ours). So you can follow customers, coworkers, celebrities and anyone else that can make you more productive as a sales person keeping track of peoples updates on Twitter.

Are you using Twitter lists? Leave me a comment on other tips for using Twitter lists.