by Ray-Franco Bouly

With sales and marketing possibilities through social media emerging more day by day, companies have a huge array of choices available to promote and market their business on the internet. Enterprises are spending big on getting a solid footing in social media. A recent report said that an estimated $716 Million was going to be spent on social media this year.[tweetmeme source= “insideview” only_single=false]

A recent survey conducted by Access Markets International Partners, revealed that almost 70 percent of small and medium businesses actively use social media websites for promotion and social selling. Among all the social networking websites that are currently functioning, Facebook has earned a clear lead, worldwide.

Facebook’s obvious domination resulted in gaining major businesses to use Facebook for marketing and advertising their products. Whether it is Pizza Hut, allowing their fans to order pizza online, or Betty Crocker discussing how you can make yummy cakes and share your pictures. This is the sheer power of Facebook that makes it more popular than Twitter, Digg and many other websites, all over.

You must be wondering about the factors that make Facebook so exclusive and demanding. Let’s discuss the Top 10 reasons, why you should use Facebook for business:

1. Owner of the largest network
It is amazing to find that Facebook has over 500 Million global users, and growing. It is said that if Facebook had been a country, it would have been the third largest in the world. How can you miss such a magnificent opportunity of using Facebook for your business promotion? If used wisely, it can do wonders for your marketing.

2. Customized News Feed
This new default news feed started by Facebook actually comprises of content that is based on users’ personal information and interactions, which indicates what they may like. This puts an incredible premium on posting and engaging content that will get comments, likes and shares. If you are not giving complete attention to your content, start doing it now, so that your brand or service gets the maximum exposure.

3. Average Facebook user has 130 friends
On average, a Facebook user is considered to have about 130 friends in their contact list. This means that at an average, if 10 people become a fan of your Facebook Page, then they will at least invite 10 more people to join or like your profile page, thus, increasing your numbers. It seems small at first, but when users actually start leaping in, you will witness that the traffic on your page is increasing dramatically.

4. Brand Recognition
Customers start to recognize you more, as they see or hear about you. Using Facebook means that you stand on a huge public platform, where every eye can be focused on you, if you want. Plan creative ideas, maneuver an effective advertising plan and initiate debates or ways that will enforce people to visit your page repeatedly, resulting in image building of your brand or service.

5. Almost 80,000 Sites Using Facebook Connect
It is a smart and strong initiative taken by Facebook. By integrating the network closely, sites are making community graphs actually transportable. Now instead of going to Facebook every time in order to visit friends, one can access them through mobile devices or by following simple links. You can definitely grow your business and customer network.

6. Facebook Fan Box is persuasive
The most prevalent and simple tool of Facebook Connect is a Facebook Fan Box. It is an easy tool through which email recipients or your website visitors can easily become your fan, and can follow your business page..

7. Strong Niche Marketing
On an average, a Facebook user gives 55 minutes a day to the website. If you want to be their favorite brand, be on their favorite site. This gives you a great chance to connect with potential users, and convert them as your customers. By their daily visits, you can strategize new marketing techniques and plans in accordance to what your customers like, prefer and enjoy.

8. Effective Brand Monitoring
Facebook is a communicative place to see your business grow, and generate results on how you want it to. It is a great way to keep a sharp eye on how your business or brand is growing. Interacting with customers is extremely easy. In fact, it allows you to counter misconceptions or negative comments or opinions about your company by directly addressing them.

9. Increased search engines rankings
Facebook allows you to get high search engine rankings because it keeps all data public, unless you set privacy settings. This optimizes the search engine look out and reputation building. Using major brand key words, your company page can come up on top on Google or Yahoo search engines.

10. Bookmarking
Though many social media websites allow bookmarking, they do it with NO FOLLOW link that limit their posts. However, Facebook allows bookmarking with DO FOLLOW option, so that your valued customers can read your posts, events and updates, and directly link back to your website.

How is your business using Facebook? What is your favorite Facebook page? (Besides Insideview)