Here it is! Your Monday morning reading list from InsideView. Here are some of the blogs I read from last week that I wanted to share. If you have a B2B, Sales 2.0 or CRM blog that you would like added to my reading list, leave me a comment and you may see your name in next weeks post.

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  1. SaaS’s Impact on the Inside Sales Model – Sales 2.0
  2. Rolls Out Chatter 2 – Destination CRM
  3. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 vs. Why Microsoft is the better investment – CRM Software
  4. Marc Benioff of Salesforce Supports the Security Message – Dave Stelz
  5. Where Social Media Junkies Can Find Official Dynamics CRM Sites from Microsoft – CRM Software
  6. Is Your CRM System a Two-Way Street? – CRM Outsiders
  7. Enterprise 2.0 and Social CRM, Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together – Enterprise 2.0

Social Selling

  1. Optimists or Pessimists? – Jonathan Farrinton
  2. Sales questions are hot now – Customer Think
  3. B2B Lead Generation Roundtable: A Heated Sales and Marketing Alignment Debate – B2B Lead Generation
  4. The Best Technologies For a Successful Inside Sales Team – Sales 2.0
  5. The Changing Nature of the Salesperson and Customer – Selling Power
  6. Dealing With Slacker Prospects Without Sounding Like a Pathetic, Needy Salesperson – Jill Konrath
  7. Seven Sales & Marketing Insights From Recent Events – Sales 2.0
  8. Engage Your Prospects – Eyes on Sales
  9. Cool Sales Tools to Make Prospecting Easier – Sales 2.0
  10. The Subtleties Between B2B and B2C Marketing Data – Eloqua
  11. For the Serial Prospecticider, Social Media is Now the Killing Field – Jonathan Farrinton

Social Media

  1. Social Media and the End of Privacy. – Gartner
  2. Calendaring Your Social Media Marketing Content – HubSpot
  3. 21 Ways to Build Trust and Sales Leads in Social Media – Kyle Lacy
  4. The Social Media Telephone Game! – Paul Castain (Sales Playbook)
  5. Old Tweets, New Twitter and B2B – Social Media B2B
  6. 10 Misunderstandings Of Social Media – Sales 2.0
  7. How Social is Social Networking? – MENG Blend