Search Social Media Profiles

One of the things that sets InsideView for Sales apart from other applications out there is that we can run specific searches for executive contacts with social media profiles. This is a letter from one of our customers that gives an explanation of this functionality and how he uses it. How do you use InsideView? [tweetmeme source= “insideview” only_single=false]

I’m in the lead generation business. My clients are resource-constrained firms that are trying to cover gaps in their go-to-market plans. They hire my company to get them in front of qualified prospects. I use independent teleprospecting contractors to make the calls, and to make sure they’re productive, I have to provide them with good contact data.

I use InsideView almost exclusively for building contact lists. There are 3 key search features in InsideView that set it apart from all other sales intelligence tools:

Social networks. InsideView allows me to include contacts that appear on social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. LinkedIn profiles are important because it suggests that the person is currently in the position. I’ve done InsideView searches where the LinkedIn profile was more current than the contact profile. That’s okay–it helps us validate the contact another way. If the contact Tweets, they are a thought promoter and open to engaging in a business conversation. A Facebook profile demonstrates an active social networker.

Smart Agents. These are news filters that are built in to InsideView, and scour the Internet for business environmental occurrences, like missed quarters, new hires, product launches and expanding operations. Most of my clients are strictly B2B, so I’ll run searches first on public companies because they post a lot of information on the internet, which InsideView is collecting constantly. Plus, public companies are always going to be of a certain size range, so it’s not always necessary to further filter on employee count and revenues. That said, Smart Agents work for any size company as long as they’re in the news.

Current titles. Since 2000 and the dotcom implosion, people change jobs frequently. I have to find contacts that are as current as possible. I’ve used other sales intelligence products that really miss on this key filter. Not long ago I ran a prospecting campaign for a client using one of the “other guys” and my callers were frustrated and wasted a lot of time trying to reach people that had moved on.

Thought I’d share this with you. Thanks.

This comes from Brian Berlin, President and Founder of  Straightline Strategies, an outsourced sales, marketing and business development firm committed to helping our clients close gaps in their go-to-market plans.