Today begins day #3 of Dreamforce. The shear magnitude of the Saleforce conference is overwhelming to most and with the added bonus of the gala featuring Stevie Wonder and Will.I.Am the attendees have a great mix of information of the cloud and entertainment.

As for InsideView, so far the show has been a huge hit. We have been flooded with visitors from customers and people looking to give their sales teams more relevant sales intelligence. We have had guest speakers like Josiane Feigon, Joanne Black and others that have talked about the growing need for sales teams to use social media as a tool to find new opportunities, generate referrals and build deeper relationships with customers.

We still have a couple days to go but Wednesday should be the last big day of the even with the InsideView ExactTarget party which is now completely SOLD OUT. The venue even had to be changed to accommodate over 1000 people that expected to come to the Dreamforce party.