We’ve had the opportunity to introduce our vision of Social Selling to customers, sales professionals and our visitors at Dreamforce. InsideView has been defining the use of social media for sales people for years and now we want to raise the bar. InsideView has created a Social Selling University to educate sales people on the benefits of social media and the best practices to using social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs. Customer 2.0 is not just a buzzword, people are no longer going directly to the companies asking questions. Customers are looking in their social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter asking questions and getting advice from other customers and friends on what to buy. If sales people are not engaged with these conversations they are missing out on an excellent opportunity to connect with people in the earliest stages of the buying cycle.[tweetmeme source= “insideview” only_single=false]

As InsideView continues to develop real strategies around social media for sales people, we will enable entire sales teams to listen, connect and engage with people that will develop new opportunities and create better relationships with current customers.

There were many requests to have this presentation available for people to watch and save as a reference. We have added the introduction to Social Selling on our YouTube page for people to watch. There is more content being edited for this YouTube channel so make sure you click the subscribe button on the page.

Social Selling University