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What better way to ring in the New Year than with another feature-packed release to boost your sales productivity?  Our January 2011 release of InsideView will be available this Saturday morning, January 8th.

In addition to enabling social selling, there were two other key themes that emerged during our Customer 2.0 Roadshow this summer – driving adoption through better CRM integration and maintaining industry-leading contact accuracy.  We’ve been hard at work on both fronts and in our January 2011 release you will find features like automated watchlists for Salesforce.com, Single Sign On integration for NetSuite, and a new company preview UI.  You will also find integrated LinkedIn profiles for nearly all contacts and the ability to easily flag any incorrect contact data.

Here are your January 2011 release highlights!

•    User feedback for contacts
•    More integrated LinkedIn profiles
•    New company preview UI
•    In-product feature updates
•    Redesigned summary alerts
•    NetSuite users – Export & Sync with Single Sign On
•    Salesforce users – Automated Watchlists

User feedback for contact accuracy

You can now easily flag and update any incorrect contact data you come across in InsideView and be notified as soon as the record is updated.  This feature leverages the reach of our user community to identify incorrect contacts and the expertise of the InsideView content team to validate user feedback.  We believe this hybrid approach will help provide the most complete and accurate contact information available for B2B sales professionals.

user feedback for contact accuracy

More integrated LinkedIn profiles

You will now see integrated LinkedIn profiles for nearly all contacts in InsideView.  This allows you to quickly access title, work history, education and other details seamlessly via the LinkedIn API without having to leave InsideView, or your CRM for that matter.

more integrated LinkedIn profiles

New company preview UI

Preview company details and key insights for any company.  This new feature makes it easier than ever to qualify prospects,  find actionable  insights, and surface customer connections at-at-glance.  Simply place your cursor over any company name anywhere in the InsideView application to get these details.

Company preview UI on mouse-over

In-product feature updates

Always stay up to date on the latest InsideView releases and new features.  This new capability notifies you about our new releases and helpful features you may not be taking advantage of, directly within the product.

in-product feature updates

Redesigned summary alerts

Quickly scan summary emails by business event and company name.  We’ve redesigned our daily (and weekly) summary alerts to better summarize the key selling trigger events so you can quickly scan for relevant business events and company mentions within your watchlists.

redesigned daily alerts

NetSuite CRM users – Sync & Export with Single Sign On

Add or update CRM accounts, contacts, and prospects with a single click.  This feature is now enabled via Single Sign on so data export and sync are totally seamless.  You can also map InsideView data to any of your custom fields in NetSuite.

NetSuite sync & export via Single Sign On

Salesforce CRM users – Automated Watchlists

Track your most important CRM accounts and opportunities.  This feature allows you to automatically create and maintain watchlists based on your existing Salesforce CRM data.  Setting up an automated watchlist is as easy as creating a view or report in Salesforce.  Never miss an opportunity or threat again!

Salesforce - automated watchlists

Thank you for making InsideView the leading business and social intelligence solution for B2B sales and marketing professionals.  We appreciate your business or your continued feedback.  We always want to hear from you so we can continue to make InsideView better every month.  Please send us your product suggestions to feedback@insideview.com.  And for any training or support-related questions, please email us at support@insideview.com.  Thanks again!

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