Provide access to sales intelligence directly at the “point of need”

Last week I kicked off a multi-post blog series on the top sales productivity tips I have assembled based on my ongoing conversations with dozens of InsideView customers.   My first tip was about the significant efficiencies that can be realized from consolidating disparate sales data sources into one.  Sales productivity gains that come from access to a single “go-to” source of complete, up-to-date and relevant prospect intelligence are real and immediate.  However, as I’ve heard time and time again – confirmed by pretty much everyone one I’ve talked to – where and how this intelligence is delivered is just as critically important to sales productivity. [tweetmeme source= “insideview” only_single=false]

Given most sales professionals are mandated to use SFA/CRM systems to manage their client interactions, it only makes sense to deliver sales intelligence directly within the CRM, integrated into the sales reps’ daily workflow, and right at the point of need.  This is confirmed by Peter Ostrow, research director for sales effectiveness at the”>Aberdeen Group, who states “Access to sales intelligence, especially when directly fed into CRM/SFA systems, is clearly one of the major enablers for the best-in-class companies in the [Inside Sales Enablement] study.”  Ostrow goes on to say “Sales teams who are deploying InsideView’s sales intelligence application are indeed achieving 32 percent better performance than non-customers, in terms of current lead conversion rates and hitting quota, and year-to-year growth in revenue and win/loss ratios.”  In addition to CRM integration, browser and mobile access also emerge as important productivity drivers, delivering easy access to intelligence when and where the sales reps need it …and thus enabling the reps to stay abreast of their prospects anytime/anywhere.

Cases in Point:

“The primary reason for our decision to switch to InsideView was its tight, easy-to-use integration with  The single point of access is a significant sales productivity enhancer, enabling fast and effective prospecting and account planning.” John Knotwell, senior director of sales operations at inContact

The SalesView mash-up with gives me great functionality and excellent usability – basically everything I need for boosting sales effectiveness– all in one place.  We have realized huge gains in productivity and the sales team is excited!” Tina Babbi, VP of Sales and Service Operations for TriNet

“SalesView significantly accelerates account research with one-stop-shop access to prospect data and enables more relevant customer engagement with alerts on compelling business events.” Michelle Coolican, Business Development Manager, Oracle Health Sciences Global Business Unit

Both data consolidation as well as its delivery at the point of need clearly improve sales efficiencies.  Next up, I will explore sales productivity drivers that go beyond efficiencies, and focus on sales effectiveness strategies that result in increased success with customer engagements.  In the meantime, I look forward to hearing about top contributors to sales efficiencies and sales effectiveness for your organization.