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How fast can software go from 0 to 60? February marks our 60th release of InsideView in just five years! We have more contact accuracy and social selling enhancements for you this month. Enjoy!

Here are your V60 February release highlights:

Enhanced On-Demand Contact Search
User-Generated Contact Profiles
Fortune 500 and 1000 Search
More Contacts and Improved Accuracy

On-Demand Partner Contact Search

Search and add contacts from more partner content sources. This enhanced feature allows you to quickly search and add contacts from our partners when a contact is missing from InsideView. When you search the People tab within any company profile or view a specific Contact in your CRM you will see results from InsideView and our partners in the same interface. Simply click on the name / title of interest to add them to InsideView database. It’s like on-demand cable for your prospecting.

User-Generated Contact Profiles

Generate a contact and automatically find social profile data. When you’re unable to find a contact in InsideView or our partners, this new feature allows you to generate a new contact yourself. InsideView then immediately starts identifying social profiles for your contacts. “Socialize” your contacts in on-the-fly.

user-generated contacts

Fortune 500 and 1000 Search

Quickly identify Fortune 500 and 100 prospects. This new feature allows you to easily identify and target companies on the Fortune 500 and 1000 lists. You will see new search criteria in the ‘Size’ section of the company and contact search interface, which you can use in conjunction with any of our other firmographic, social, and event-based search criteria. If you’re going after the big guys, your job just got a little easier.

Fortune 500 and 1000 search

More Contacts, Improved Accuracy

Reach more prospects directly with higher success rates. Over the last several months, InsideView has been hard at work improving the availability and the accuracy of our contacts. We’ve carefully evaluated the accuracy of our different content partners, we’ve added more overlapping content sources, we’ve invested in our own web-harvesting and crowd-sourcing technologies, and we’ve refined our Entity Triangulation algorithms along the way. Contact accuracy is a big challenge for the industry and while we realize our work will never be done, we’re confident that intelligent aggregation is the right approach. We hope you’ve already noticed these improvements in accuracy.

contact accuracy

We want to thank you for choosing InsideView as your sales intelligence solution. We appreciate your business and the great product feedback you continue to provide. Please share with us by submitting your ideas and voting up other suggestions on the InsideView Community. If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule a follow-up training for your sales team, please contact us at support@insideview.com. Thanks again!