Social Selling University

Finding people that you can bring into the sales funnel is easier when you can tap into their social media streams. Prospects are online everyday asking questions and looking for solutions to solve their business issues. The problem facing most sales teams is a lack of understanding on the impact social selling can have on their efforts.
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Social Selling University is continuing to build a foundation of content for sales people and sales executives to explain the results that can be achieved by incorporating basic social selling strategies. The first set of webinars focus on the use of social media and how sales teams can leverage social networks to increase lead generation.

Social Selling Webinars


Your Customer Has Moved. Do You Know Where? <~~ WebEx Link
Sales and marketing approaches have been flipped upside down with the explosion of social media. What worked 3 years ago, doesn’t work now. Social media has brought with it a profound global shift in communications that favors relationships over contacts, eliminates cold calling, and puts the buyer in control of the sales process. Capitalize on some simple, but practical “how to” ideas for engaging buyers and customers in a digital economy. During this session we will discuss:

• Why bother? A look at the numbers
• Evolution of sales and how social media applies
• Benefits of social selling
• Creating value in advance of the sales opportunity
• What executives want you to know
• Building loyalty and retention
• How to use social media for lead generation
• Lead generation from current networks


Social Selling with LinkedIn and Twitter <~~ WebEx Link
When sales organizations try to leverage social media into their sales processes, they are often overwhelmed by too much information and underwhelmed by its impact on productivity.

• A quick primer on social media
• Why you need to use social media for your B2B sales organization
• How you can get started
• Tools and Techniques that you need to know


Selling to Crazy Busy People <~~ WebEx Link
Having a tough time capturing and keeping the attention of today’s stressed-out decision makers? In this webinar, you’ll learn:

•How being crazy-busy impacts your prospects’ thinking, decision making and expectations.
•Three critical mistakes that will kill your chances of setting up a meeting with a potential customer.
•The four key factors your prospects use to determine if they’ll continue the conversation with you — or not.
•Why leveraging social media is absolutely critical to your sales success today.

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