Always a great event to be a part of, SXSW in Austin is a place that showcases innovation and thought leadership. Umberto Milletti the CEO of InsideView gave a compelling presentation during the event discussing the use of social media for sales teams the title of the session was called “Social Espionage & CRM: Selling to Customer 2.0” [tweetmeme source= “insideview” only_single=false]

Monitoring. Listening. Tracking. Measuring. No, this isn’t a covert CIA operation: It’s the way brands and businesses are marketing…and selling…to YOU, Customer 2.0. Is it creepy? Regardless, it’s also a reality, and it’s working tremendously, as well as being adopted at a rapid rate by everyone from your local coffee shop to Best Buy to enterprises like Adobe. From social CRM to mobile-social tech to community management, 2011 is the year of full-blown execution after, well, two years of panels discussing ‘the future of social business.’ Come hear about the truly effective processes and best practices around social customer relationship management and intelligence, and walk away with an actual plan for your business in social selling and marketing.

In true SXSW fashion the attendees were very vocal online about the content and session.

Social Espionage & CRM: Selling to Customer 2.0

Social Espionage & CRM: Selling to Customer 2.0 SXSW

Social Espionage & CRM: Selling to Customer 2.0 SXSWi

Social Espionage & CRM: Selling to Customer 2.0 SXSW

There was a lot of interest by attendees to get a copy of this presentation and we aim to please. A couple hours after Umberto was done with the session, we posted the slides on the InsideView Slideshare account and the response was amazing! The great people at Slideshare noticed and we got added into their Business and Management Spotlight.