So far SugarCRM’s Customer and Developer conference SugarCon has been awesome. Starting off with an announcement of InsideView being preloaded with future installations of SugarCRM and then some great conversations with customers and others on the latest release of InsideView, best practices and conversations on social selling.

Many attendees of the keynote address by Umberto Milletti and the breakout session on Getting a Competitive Advantage through Social Selling asked for copies of the presentations used. InsideView has a profile on SlideShare and we continue to upload more content to it every week. These are the presentations we used during SugarCon.

Big Data & The Emergence of Social Selling | SugarCRM SugarCon #scon11

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Getting a Competitive Advantage through Social Selling | #scon11 @sugarcon

5 Must-Haves For Boosting Sales With Social Media