Jonathan Farrington has taken the lead in organizing one of the largest online events geared towards the sales profession. The 2011 Sales & Marketing Success Conference is an event where 36 of the top speakers, bloggers and experts from the sales world are getting together  over a 5 day series to educate and enlighten sales professionals in  succeeding, winning and exceeding expectations. We have come through the toughest financial crisis in history, and we believe it is now time to be positive and look forward.

Besides being one of the largest events of it’s kind that is sure to leave people with a ton of take aways, we have an opportunity to provide support for the relief efforts to the tragedy in Japan. There is a small fee for each session ($5) that will be collected and then donated to the Japanese Disaster Fund (via the Red Cross).

We are part of the launch event on Monday May 9th. This is the schedule for Monday: All times are Eastern (for GMT, add +5)

5 Must-do’s to Leverage Social Selling
for Your Lead Generation and Sales Teams
Presented at: 15:00 – 15:30 by Koka Sexton

Your customers have changed. How you find them and engage with them has changed too. They get information from their social network and trusted sources online, leaving information about what they need in their online social interactions. It’s more important than ever for sales organizations to recognize this opportunity to build relationships and generate new leads. You need to create a personal and trusted relationships via online interactions to beat the competition.